Automated Planning

Save time and money by automatically planning your valuable resources. Plan faster, smarter and optimized!


Every company deals with planning challenges in one form or another. You have to plan a limited set of resources, such as employees, materials, time or money, against a tight time schedule or specific business need. How can you find the optimal allocation of these scarce resources?

Manual planning is error-prone and can be tedious. Bad planning can cost you money, whereas good planning allows you to do more business with less assets!


1. Determine your parameters

Parameters can be anything. From available human resources according to their work schedules, assets and goods to available time slots for a process. We can even incorporate advanced data such as real time traffic information or advanced performance predictions, based on analysis of historical performance data.

2. Determine your business rules
Business rules are specific to your internal processes. For example: “A technician should travel the shortest distance to solve all incoming tickets” or “Minimize waiting times between jobs”.

3. Generate planning and present output

By using Artificial Intelligence and self-learning algorithms, the optimal planning is being calculated within seconds. This is presented in a clear graphical user interface with drag-and-drop functionality, which allows real time replanning as well.

The Artificial Intelligence based planning engine of TimeSeries can be applied to many different use cases, such as:

Field Services Planning
Timetabling for field service engineers, repairmen, etc.
Agenda Scheduling
Scheduling meetings, appointments, maintenance jobs or sports leagues
Vehicle Routing
Planning vehicles (trucks, trains, boats, airplanes) with freight and/or people
Cutting Stock
Minimizing waste while cutting paper, steel or carpetrn
Job Shop Scheduling
Planning car assembly lines, machine, queue planning and workforce task planningrn
Bin Packing
Filling containers, trucks, ships and storage warehouses, but also cloud computers nodes

Less time spent on planning, saving on operational costs

Efficiency improvement
Up to 20% increase of resource deployment efficiency

Planning without errors
First time right planning

Ready for the future
Scalable, future-proof solution


Watch the video below for a demonstration of TimeSeries’ Automated Planning engine.

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