Customer Portal

Have less churn, improve the relationship and increase the added value for your customer with a customer portal.

Manufacturers are increasingly seeking ways to improve their services to customers and to add new revenue streams. One of the ways to improve customer satisfaction and increase revenue is by using a customer portal.

A customer portal can be valuable to manufacturers in several ways. It improves the relationship with customers after having sold a product. This will result in less churn, less time being spent on answering questions, improved maintenance and other potential upsells. On top of that, a customer portal could be an important tool in enabling performance based contracts. If a manufacturer is moving towards a more service based organization, a customer portal could provide the performance insights that would enable a service based contract. 

Use cases

Another way a customer portal could be used is to gain insight about all the spare parts. Customers could indicate which parts should be replaced or need maintenance. By integrating the customer portal with a solution like Siemens Teamcenter, the Bill of Materials can be used to give an exact outline of the structure of the bought product. This could include 3D visualizations, up-to-date manuals, work instructions, etc. As a result, customers will always be up-to-date on the status of their products. This will make it easier for manufacturers to do an upsell; for instance to perform maintenance on a machine, a retro fit or sell upgrades in productivity. Customers could for instance see that the productivity of a machine is 600 products an hour, which could be increased to 900 products with an investment that will be earned back after just one year.

A customer portal will also allow manufacturers to add manuals, specifications and work instructions to products or part of products. This will improve the user experience of customers and make it easier to use their products. Another benefit of a customer portal is that it will improve the communication between the organizations in the supply chain. As a result, organizations will be able to respond faster to changes in the market. Finally, a customer portal can be used to show real time machine status using the Mindsphere IoT platform.


For one of the most innovative energy and technology companies in the world with over 100.000 employees in over 70 countries, TimeSeries developed an intuitive customer portal. In a market with a lot of competition, it is always important to add more value to your customers. Together with experts from the business we developed an application that provides customers insights into the performance of their machines. The machines have been equipped with IoT sensors that measure the vibrations and send that data to the TimeSeries Cloud. The data is analyzed in the cloud and customers have access to an intuitive and user friendly dashboard in Mendix. 

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