Employee Shift Rostering

Creating rosters for employees such as nurses is a complex and time consuming task. Their rosters usually have a continuous nature: nurses need to be physically present in the hospital both day and night and during weekdays as well as during the weekend. When creating these rosters, many variables need to be taken into consideration, such as employee contracts (part time vs full time), a mix of required skills sets, employee preferences (can not work on Wednesdays, doesn’t want to work in the evening, etc.), rules and regulations, etc. Health care professionals rather spend time helping their patients instead of struggling to create a roster which is both compliant and suits everyone’s needs.

Artificial Intelligence

Our Employee Shift Rostering template uses Artificial Intelligence to automatically create these rosters. The template takes into account many different business rules and tries to optimize the roster as much as possible. Once published, the application tries to minimize the number of changes needed when an employee becomes unavailable unexpectedly. This makes it very easy to adjust a roster when an employee gets sick. This results in less time being spent creating rosters, and happier employees due to less roster changes. As the engine tries to minimize the cost of a roster, taking hourly rates and overtime into consideration, the total cost of doing shift work decreases.


Watch the video below for a demonstration of our Employee Shift Rostering template.

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