Van Dorp

Installation and Facility Management
Business Need

As a leading technical FM provider, Van Dorp manages around 17.000 buildings within the Netherlands from 15 independent office locations with over 1500 employees. Each of these maintained buildings has hundreds of components (assets) like lighting systems, AC systems, heating systems and so on. All of these assets need regular maintenance and occasionally a fix in order to make a building perform as designed. All this work is achieved by 600 skilled Van Dorp mechanics that all have their own specialties and certifications. Planning these mechanics over thousands of tickets every year, keeping in mind business rules and SLAs, is an enormous undertaking.


In order to boost efficiency, Van Dorp uses TimeSeries’ intelligent Automated Planning solution to schedule all upcoming maintenance activities and malfunction tickets automatically. GPS location data, mechanics specialties, historical data regarding the mechanics working pace on similar tickets (for malfunctions) and the allotted time for a maintenance ticket are combined to optimally plan all portfolio activities. This planning is continuously adjusted and shared with the colleagues within Van Dorp as well as their customers. VitaConnect puts everyone’s mind at ease. Simply by automatically informing them who to expect at what time and for what maintenance activity.


Van Dorp has optimized their planning with over 30% more efficiency and ensured improved customer service by the use of the automated planning tool. Our automated planner improves working conditions for the mechanics by taking into account their travel time based on location data. Meanwhile, for Van Dorp and its customers the planning is drastically improved by using business rules and SLAs as constraints. Not only is the initial planning optimized, all changes, such as a mechanic becoming unavailable or an appointment exceeding its timeslot, are incorporated and schedules are updated automatically. Everyone, customers as well as mechanics, have continuous insight into their planning in their app. In fact, Van Dorp took it one step further by adding automated notifications: a customer receives planning related messages, such as when a mechanic is on his or her way to work on a ticket.