Business Need
The introduction of the smart meter opened a range of new possibilities ranging from dynamic pricing and better balance management to gaining real insight into energy consumption for both consumers and businesses. The challenge lies in using this ever growing amount of data to attract customers.
Oxxio, a Dutch utilities company, wanted an app for both their existing and prospective customers. The data, gathered from their existing customers by using smart meters, provide insight in their daily energy consumption. Using the abundance of available data in the energy market to create valuable apps for consumers is not the easiest thing to do.
The challenges are twofold: 
• How do we make energy ‘sexy’? 
• How do we handle the growing dataset in a scalable manner?

Using our Intelligent Energy Insight solution, Oxxio is now capable of turning the vast amount of data into meaningful insights. By applying our real-time analysis capabilities to consumers’ usage data, we are able to provide features such as benchmarking based on both profiles and geographical regions, always-on usage, time slicing and predictions.


The developed app is used by both customers and prospects of Oxxio. It gives Oxxio the unique opportunity to create data- driven services for the current customer base and also attract prospective customers. With a user base of more than 200.000 users, our Big Data platform receives over 120.000.000 measurements per day. This vast amount of data allows us to provide meaningful benchmarks and give personalized, relevant advice to individual users. After introducing the app, users have decreased their gas usage with an average of 6%. Finally, the adoption of our Intelligent Energy Insight solution led to new business models where customers pay for value added data driven services.