Service Provider
Business Need

Liftinsight is a service provider focussing on all processes related to elevator management. The maintenance of the elevators at Liftinsight was scheduled to accommodate a certain amount of maintenance jobs per year. However, the problem with this model is that real maintenance does not depend on time, but on actual usage of the elevator.


To add usage as a variable for managing the maintenance of the elevators, Liftinsight added sensors to each elevator to measure the usage real time. We combined our Predictive Maintenance solution with Mendix technology to create a portal in which all the elevators are registered. This portal contains all events about these elevators and can easily give an overview of each individual elevator status. Using sensor data the system automatically predicts when an elevator is in need of maintenance. This allows Liftinsight to only perform maintenance on elevators when it is needed, instead of based on a fixed time interval.


The application of IoT technologies in combination with our analytics platform led to a reduction in costs of maintenance, fewer disruptions and a higher overall availability of the elevators. By determining the peak and off-peak hours of each elevator, maintenance can now be scheduled at times when usage of the elevators is lowest. This causes the least disruption to the users of the elevators. For a hospital for example, this is very relevant because the availability of an elevator is of critical importance and disruptions have to be minimized at all cost. By applying our predictive maintenance algorithms to the gathered data we determine at which moment in the future maintenance is needed. This is a valuable alternative for the fixed maintenance plans which are usually used for elevators. Instead of maintaining each elevator in a building four times a year, maintenance can now be scheduled based on the actual usage of these elevators. The expectation is that the average number of saved maintenance jobs is 1,5 per elevator per year. For large building owners with over 800 elevators it leads to a cost reduction of EUR180.000 per year.