Business Need

As a utilities provider, Eneco has various ways of interacting with their customers: via website, app, smart thermostat, bills, etc. These channels have their own databases which lead to contradicting messages causing confusion for customers. All the different data sources need to be maintained and operated, which is expensive. This, combined with the increasing amount of data due to smart meter rollout, urged Eneco to start looking for a different approach.


Eneco chose to adopt the Intelligent Energy Insight solution as the single source of truth for all data related to energy consumption. The platform has been integrated with the different data collectors of Eneco and all available historical data has been migrated. This means it is used for over a million customers which results in 600 million new measurements every day.


By creating a single source of truth, we deduplicated data across the Eneco organization. Thereby reducing errors in invoicing and customer communication. Eneco customers now have a unified view of their energy consumption through both the Eneco app and the website. 

The highly scalable platform is a strong fundament for the next step, which is to explore the data analytics features the solution has to offer. Data driven services such as always-on detection, pro-active notifications and benchmarking can now easily be created.